Historic Projects

Take a look at some of our projects that we have recent completed.


 EU Homelessness Project –

Serbia and Albania

In 2017, Mary Seacole Housing Association was fortunate enough to become a partner in a European Funded Project which looks at shared practices responding to homelessness in Albania, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria and Spain.

This strategic partnership enables each of the European organisations involved to identify and record best practice in community modelling.

So far, Mary Seacole staff have spent a week in Serbia and Albania participating in training and observing the local organisations’ practices.
This learning experience has enabled staff and management to bring back some great working practices and make positive changes to our own training and development programmes.




The Young Enterprise supports over 250,000 students every year to harness their personal and business skills and to realise their potential.

The charity’s mission is very much aligned with our own, setting out “to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed [through enterprise]” and over the last two years, Mary Seacole has embraced the Young Enterprise programme to support our own clients with their development.

In 2017, we had the honour of seeing one of our clients, Jack Davy Dupris, win the national Young Enterprise Journey Award.
Read Jack’s story to find out more>

With the support, mentoring and guidance of Kimberley Lamb, Young Enterprise Manager for Bedfordshire and Mary Seacole’s Training Projects and Activities Manager  (OCPO) (DSO) Nicole Christophi, Mary Seacole will continue to embrace the Young Enterprise initiative, encourage our clients to feel motivated by Jack’s achievements.

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