Tap Out App

Introducing the concept of exploitation is meant to demonstrate to young people how seemingly insignificant choices can lead to very significant issues and themes. A resource like this provides an opportunity to hear and listen to the voices of the young person. We know that young people care about issues that concern them directly, but often need more platforms to present their perspectives.

Luton Rising via the Bedfordshire & Luton Community Foundation funded the Tap Out outreach and intervention service. This service works with participants/users to encourage discussion, debate and learning. The Tap Out app focuses on the early detection of exploitation among young people and provides prompt intervention.

The app and intervention services were formed with the Luton Youth Partnership service via the TREE project – Tackling, Reducing and Ending Exploitation. This sees youth and charity workers team up with police officers to conduct joint outreach work across the area. The aim is to engage with young people and the wider community, provide intervention and signpost people to support services.

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