Barbering Intervention
The Barbering intervention project was developed to reduce crime and offending by training hard-to-reach groups, who may be at risk of criminal exploitation and allow them to develop their skill and gain qualifications to make positive changes within their lives. The target group for this project is young people who live in Luton, who are or could be at risk from criminal exploitation.

Mary Seacole Housing Association has been working alongside Sabrina’s Hair and Beauty Academy, Violence Exploitation Reduction Unit, and Winners Chapel church on the delivery of these projects.

This project aims to provide an informal/ relaxed safe training environment, raise awareness of exploitation, and to give participants the knowledge they need to make informed choices. In addition to this, the project also aims to give participants the opportunity to gain a formal qualification, so they can have an alternative way to earn an income.

The program for the project is eight weeks of practical and theory-based barbering sessions. Within these sessions, participants will complete health and safety and infection control training. The participants will also attend exploitations awareness sessions, crime awareness, business, and IT sessions. Once the eight weeks training has been completed all participants will attend a one-day training course with both practical and theory-based learning, then over the next four weeks with staff support participants will work on producing a portfolio there live cuts and hand this in to gain their accreditation.
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