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At Mary Seacole Housing Association, we provide supported accommodation to single homeless people in Luton, Bedfordshire, and help them to move on into their own stable accommodation. Our support is available to single people experiencing homelessness aged between 16 and 65.

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Follow three characters as they navigate real-life decisions and issues including Youth Violence, drug use and exploitation.

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Our Stories

Mrs W’s Story

My life was perfect, I had the perfect life; an amazing career in care, a doting husband, beautiful children, and a lovely home; and just like that it all fell apart.  My husband and I were great for a long time but over time things started deteriorating. It started by small arguments here and there.… Read more »

Hayley’s Story

I was born In Essex and met my ex-partner and moved to London around 5 years ago. My life was going just as any one would expect. I went on to have 3 children, then one of my children passed away. This is when my journey went from good to a really difficult. I was… Read more »

Mr A’s Story

My name is Mr A, when I came to the UK I was a child; but back home, children my age have already been through what most adults here cannot imagine. I grew up in Sudan, my childhood was what everyone sees in the news, the civil wars had left the country in such disrepute.… Read more »