Young Enterprise

The Young Enterprise supports over 250,000 students every year to harness their personal and business skills and realise their potential.

The charity’s mission aligns with our own, inspiring young people to learn and succeed [through enterprise]” and over the last two years, Mary Seacole has embraced the Young Enterprise program to support our clients with their development.

In 2017, we had the honour of seeing one of our clients, Jack Davy Dupris, win the national Young Enterprise Journey Award.

With the support, mentoring and guidance of Kimberley Lamb, Young Enterprise Manager for Bedfordshire and Mary Seacole’s Training, Projects and Activities Manager (OCPO) (DSO) Nicole Christophi, Mary Seacole will continue to embrace the Young Enterprise initiative, encouraging our clients to feel motivated by Jack’s achievements. Without your support, we couldn’t provide these priceless opportunities for our clients.

Jack’s Story:

“The choice of where I stayed was no longer mine due to circumstances beyond my control. Usually, you look to your parents for guidance, but my relationship with my parents broke down and created an unpleasant living situation. Coming to MSHA was far from my ideal choice; having just left education and barely turned 16, it was the only place I had to turn to.

Soon after arriving at MSHA, I crossed paths with a staff member, Nicole, who encouraged me to participate in the Young Enterprise program. I remember I didn’t attend the first session due to a lack of motivation. Nicole noticed my absence and spoke to me to understand why I did not show up. Despite my best efforts, she saw through my excuses. At the end of our discussion, I promised to attend the next session. When I attended, I sat back and listened as I felt out of my comfort zone. My communication skills at the time were poor. I was uncertain about new people and could not express myself.

After the program, I did radio interviews and continued MSHA training opportunities. Eventually, I got a place to call home. MSHA enabled me to build the future I wanted. In hindsight, I saw how the ladies’ support shaped my future, so I was inspired to do something similar. I would not be where I am today without MSHA. I am currently a support worker, and I could not be happier! I hope I can inspire the young people I work with to change the course of their life’s journey as these ladies did mine.

The Young Enterprise Program helped me in a way that I will never be able to explain. I learnt so many skills, but above everything, I learnt how to believe in myself and work on my confidence. Both the ladies that worked with me, Nicole and Maya, helped me push through any issues I had and never gave up on me. Due to this project, I won a national award. This award was the first thing I had won in my life! The whole project experience was surreal. This project was the crucial point in my journey which shaped my life, changed my plans for my future and enabled me to see my strengths.”

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