Luton Youth Fund

The worldwide lockdown has changed the way we interact with technology, and according to the Media , this may become the ‘new norm’. So the way in which services support young people at risk must also adapt. Through the Youth Fund we will work in Partnership with the Luton Youth Offending service to create a innovative application to tackle  key priorities within youth exploitation.

The idea is to create an innovative and interactive app that will focus on early detection of exploitation of young people and provide prompt intervention. The resource will also provide an opportunity to hear and listen to the voice of the child. We are aware that young people do actually care about issues that concern them directly, but often lack the platform to present their perspective. Operating in a town where over 19% of its population is between the age of 10-24, we believe that presenting a forum in a format that is familiar to this demographic will increase interest and engagement. The app will provide interactives platforms allowing young people to provide feedback and become part of the narrative with regards to solutions. It has been quite clear that the pandemic has placed even more importance on the need for initiatives that provide distance solutions