Meaningful Activities

Mary Seacole Housing Association are funded through the Community Investment Fund (CIF) to enable our clients  to access Training and Meaningful Activities.This is delivered via the Association  dedicated  facility. CIF aims to provide significant and sustainable funding to organisations that can deliver against the main objectives of this fund. The Training, Projects and Activities held at Mary Seacole Housing are  beneficial to residents as  it helps them gain new skills,  keeps them active, provides  a positive safe environment to build confidence and gives them the skills to make positive choices within their lives. We understand that first and foremost, meaningful activity is fundamental to the health and wellbeing of the individual accessing care and support. It can help to improve physical fitness, improve mood, help to combat depression. anxiety and combat loneliness. At the Association, we believe that providing  opportunities for active participation  in our  service delivery creates a sense of partnership and benefits everyone – staff, volunteers and clients.

“I participated in boxing lessons whilst at Mary Seacole which helped me to channel my anger appropriately. I have fond memories from my time with Mary Seacole; building friendships and participating in the Mary Seacole Housing Association Sports Day – I never enjoyed group events before; but at Mary Seacole, I was always made to feel comfortable.” – Solance

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