Youth Experience Project

We are very proud of the Mary Seacole Housing Association training programme and facilities which help clients with their development and personal support plans via training and meaningful activities. At Mary Seacole Housing Association we are always striving to enhance our knowledge, skills, and practice in order to provide the best possible service and support to our clients. We continue to participate in specific projects and activities both at home and abroad, where we can offer our services as well as experience best practices and feed this into the service we provide, this Youth Project is one of those.

We are running a work experience programme for young people who have been marginalised and those who are vulnerable. There are two roles currently: 

-Maintenance Trainee

-Admin Assistant Programme

Started with a visit from PCC, we are now able to offer spaces to others who are interested, get in touch if there is anyone.

Mary Seacole’s Housing Association Work Experience programme is a new, innovative, work-based program of ‘progress towards and into work’ of activities that provide focused support to move people at risk closer to the labour market and eventually back into work.

We offer the programme to any young person looking to gain work experience who has lived experience of homelessness, poverty, or any other vulnerability. The aim is to bring skills for employment and training to young people. By linking Mary Seacole Housing Association Work Experience Programme with the housing support provided to all residents; Mary Seacole Housing Association aims to deliver support that offers a more holistic intervention addressing the range of complex needs faced by our residents choosing.