EU Projects

In the past year, MSHA has participated in a number of European projects, including:

Bike Stop Project:

Bike-stop for social inclusion: “from guest to host” is a social innovation project that favours the inclusion of people in society at risk of exclusion.

The project is presented by a partnership of organizations from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany and the United Kingdom. The main project work is the development of a shared innovative model of social inclusion, in contexts where it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify employment opportunities. The partners intend to experiment with “active reception models” especially those that provide daily training on the themes of cycle tourism where there are opportunities for non-formal and informal learning.

Our target group is made us of people who are homeless or people in temporary difficulty as a result of socio-economic factors. In participating in the project, we hope the project beneficiaries will move from a dependent state to a more independent state. We also hope that participants will learn something as a result of participating the in the project. Mary Seacole Housing Association (MSHA) will use the project to develop an exciting approach for dealing with short-term homelessness.

In the first half of the project. Mary Seacole Housing Association will be carrying out research into the nature of youth homelessness in the UK with specific reference to Luton and Bedfordshire. This research will open the door to new ways in engaging, training and housing homeless young people or young people at risk of social exclusion. in the second half of the project, we visited the partners training and events and hosted our own training and events for the Bike Stop Project.

UK, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Kyrgyzstan

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Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania and Italy