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Let’s Not Forget Heritage Project -
Mary Seacole Housing Association

The ‘Let’s Not Forget’ initiative will be a two-year project. Our focus will be to explore and celebrate the unique synergy between Mary Seacole (November 1805 – 14 May 1881) and the founder and life president of Mary Seacole Housing Association, Desline Stewart MBE. Both Mary Seacole and Desline have Jamaican heritage, both leaving their homeland to make a life in the UK. As Desline and Mary Seacole both had a shared ethos, they made significant contributions to enriching their communities through philanthropy and charitable work.

The first year of the project will involve the research and curation of Desline’s life experiences, her journey as part of the Windrush collective, and the founding of the Mary Seacole Housing Association. Through memoirs and interviews, we will trace her footstep, highlight the similarities between the Desline and Mary Seacole, so we can create a reflective account as a legacy whilst raising awareness of Mary Seacole and her heritage.

The second year will focus on the production of a documentary and exhibition. We will do this by curating accounts as well as the comparison of the two heroines from information found in archives. In addition, we will analyse literature reviews and peer interviews with other participants from the Windrush generation. This will be accumulated in various formats, for example, oral, written, photographic, and footage to be inserted in the documentary, exhibition, and online gallery.

The project goal is to share Mary Seacole’s and Desline Stewarts heritage with the community so it is not lost in history. We want to raise individuals aspirations using their powerful stories


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The 2022 Year

The 2023 Year


This project has been made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Thank you, lottery players and grant funders for taking part in making this project happen.