Let’s Not Forget Project – November

Collage Workshops

November has been a very busy month for the Heritage project.

Our focus this month was delivering internal workshops with our residents at Mary Seacole Housing Association. These workshops were to create a photo collage of the heritage of staff and residents at Mary Seacole Housing Association. Residents were involved in all stages of planning, ordering equipment, preparation of photos and creating the collage. We used old and new photos cut them out and stuck them on to an acrylic board. Residents did this in a style that created an excellent college and filled in all the spaces. During these workshops, we spoke about heritage, and what heritage means to the residents and outlined Mary Seacole’s heritage and the heritage of the organisation. Residents stated that they found the session every enjoyable, and relaxing and they were a great opportunity to meet new people and learn new information.

Heritage Movie Afternoon

We also held a Heritage movie afternoon this November. For this session we spoke to residents about different types of heritage and they decided that they would like to find out more information on the Jamaican heritage with Olympic sports. We researched the topic together and looked at different athletes that had participated in the Olympics over the years to represent Jamacia. Within this session, we spoke about the journeys that both Mary Seacole and Desline Stewart had to take to come over to the UK and the struggles that they faced when coming to the UK. The residents then chose a movie to watch that represented their research on heritage. They chose to watch Cool Runnings, which was a story that represented Jamaica’s first bobsled team and the struggles they faced in this sport when entering the Olympics. Feedback from this session was the residents really enjoyed themselves, they stated that they found out a lot of information and the opportunity to watch a movie together was good, as it helped them meet new people and build their confidence.

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This project has been made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Thank you, lottery players and grant funders for taking part in making this project happen.