Our Partners

Mary Seacole believe in the importance of working together and sharing working practices, policy making and information with other voluntary and statutory agencies. We receive funding from a wide range of sources which allows us to provide specialist services to our clients and the community. At Mary Seacole Housing, we believe that actively promoting the participation of all those involved in the service delivery and those using the service; in the process creates a sense of partnership and benefits everyone – staff, volunteers and service users.

We therefore want to involve the staff, volunteers, and service users whenever decisions are made that affect them. We believe that opinions should be considered in anything that affects the individuals directly. However, we want more that just service user involvement but rather ongoing participation across a menu of opportunities. To realise this, we must change the attitudes of professionals towards involving lived experience and building confidence in the people who use our services to take part

We also provide specialist services to clients in need, from the following partners


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