Crisis – In This Together

The effect of the COVID-19 virus has been felt by all, the extraordinary nature of this pandemic has permeated every aspect of our lives and every faction of society. To be thrown into the unknown and unexperienced, with a lack of clarity about what the future holds too, can cause immense anxiety. 

Our focus has been about responding to the physical needs of individuals; and supporting people to social distance and self-isolate. However, we must not forget the importance of feelings during this time; how are coping with anxiety, this anxiety is heightened due to a lack or risk of losing accommodation.

At time you may just need some advice on your current situation to alleviate the anxiety.

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With the support of the In This Together fund from Crisis, Mary Seacole Housing Association are offering a free tool designed to help people take control back in their lives and put people in touch with local services that can help them in a wide variety of ways.

Simply type in your housing related query into the chat-box on the right and an agent will respond.

Please note the advice line is open between:
Monday to Friday 10-2PM.