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Training Unit

Mary Seacole Housing Association's training unit

Training and Development

A development programme has been put in place for the management team, which will ensure that they have the necessary skills to deliver the aims and objectives of the Association. It will also ensure that the management team is equipped to source new funding streams, has the ability to tender for contracts and is able to manage change. The management team establishes training requirements for staff on an assessment of the business plan objectives and the required competence and capability to deliver the objectives. Members of staff, including the management team, will complete individuals learning plans, which will link directly to action plans set at staff appraisals and to the aims and objectives of the organization.

The Association will seek to diversify by adding other learning methods of a more tailored and experiential kind to the provision of courses, for example coaching and mentoring, team development, projects and activities

The training takes place in the dedicated training unit, which provides a supportive, informal and non threatening environment for the provision of staff and client training. The Association also links in to Luton Borough Council's training programme and sources external providers for specific training requirements. The Association works in partnership with other training providers, who offer quality accredited and non-accredited courses for the Association's clients and for clients from other organisations. Staff from other organisations in the sector, also attend training courses in the training unit.

The Association's Hostel Co-ordinators and Project Workers provide 24 hour support to the clients including key working and life skills sessions. The training, key working and life skills are person-centred, and seek to provide the client with the skills that will enable them to move from a state of dependence to that of independence

The training and development function offers a professional response to identified training needs or development intervention for manager's teams and offers advice on how to meet the training needs of individual employees. The take up of training provision influences future plans and evaluation has a significant effect on future training contents and methods of delivery.

Training and Development Objectives

  • Produce individual learning plans for clients, volunteers and staff.
  • Produce staff profiles to identify skills gaps.
  • Where possible, provide courses free of charge for clients, volunteers and staff, thus promoting best value.
  • Promote working in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies, the business sector and educational providers in order to provide best quality training, work placements and employment opportunities.
  • Monitor and evaluate training and development to ensure best value, student perception and future development needs.
  • Link in with the organization's funding programme to develop the training unit's services.
  • Apply for grants to fund specific training courses e.g. Beyond 2010.
  • Apply for a five year funding programme through the Big Lottery to ensure the continued success of the training unit.
  • Provide appropriate and specific training to respond to changes in government funding.
  • Monitor and review the training programme and plan.