Nationwide Community Grant – Awarded

National research highlights women living on low incomes, in unstable housing or rough sleeping, those with pre-existing substance misuse problems and poor mental health and those with learning difficulties are all vulnerable to exploitation; this not only poses a risk to the women but as on the wider community as a whole.

Mary Seacole Housing are working with Nationwide, after receiving one of their Community Grants, to launch an exciting new project addressing the multiple disadvantages faced by this particular excluded and marginalised group of homeless women in Luton, Bedfordshire.

Mary Seacole Housing are creating a safe environment in which we can offer women who have been subjected to multiple disadvantages, by offering them safe accommodation, with the goal to settle them into settled accommodation once they progress through a tailor made individual holistic care package. The care package will be delivered in a staged programme, with a continual ‘wrap around’ service to address the core issues of disadvantages.

Mary Seacole Housing have found that providing a safe and stable home is the primary principle of the project and by far its greatest strength, working on an emotional, psychological and practical level. This creates the conditions necessary for women to work through a range of difficult and complex experiences, by removing the barrier of loss of stable accommodation. Having a comfortable home environment was described by women as one of the most important features of their progress and rehabilitation.

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Hayley’s Story