EU Projects

In the past year, MSHA has participated in a number of European projects, including:

Oltre le porte:

A project to give young people the opportunity to develop a new physic garden in Apulia, Italy. The garden incorporated ideas for climate change in South Italy and environmental protection. In the photograph to the left, young people from Luton are joined by participants from Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania and Italy.

Social participa(c)tion project

This project saw MSHA carrying out the role as international trainer for small and medium sized social organisations in Italy. In two mini-projects, MSHA trained staff from 12 different organisations in “Marketing for small organisations” and “Human resources for small organisations”.  In the photograph here are representatives from local education, non-government organisations, the circus and private companies.

Bike Stop for social inclusion:

This is a social innovation project with an emphasis – “from guest to host”.  The project concerns the inclusion of those already in a position of high risk of marginalization and problems of providing accommodation for them. MSHA is the key researcher in this project. The project lasts 2 years and will give MSHA new models to explore in housing homeless young and older people. Bike Stop has partners from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany and UK. In the photograph to the right the participants at the first project meeting show off their certificates of attendance.

Advocacy for gender equality and social participation:

This project focuses on action by young people for young people. The key concept of gender equality is important for everyone in Europe and in other parts of the world. As a result, the project partners come from UK, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Kyrgyzstan. MSHA’s main role in the project overall project evaluation. In the photograph below left, Maria Marinova, a leading activist in Europe and a champion of non-form education, describes some of the research documents. We also brought back some wonderful gifts from the partners, see the photograph below, right.