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Green Community Project

What is Green Community Project

Green Community is a European Union supported project designed to engage communities to adopt practices that reduce the human impact on the environment, especially in areas where humans live in close proximity.

Green Community Mission

Working together for a greener and healthier community.

What are the aims of Green Community?

Green Community was developed to benefit society, and:

  • To encourage awareness of “Green Community”

  • To reduce pollution in the human environment by recycling waste

  • To promote understanding of global warming and climate change and their possible effects

  • To encourage increased self-sufficiency

  • Who can benefit from Green Community?

  • Home-owning citizens

  • Allotment owners

  • Teachers and trainers

  • Ethnic groups

  • Local government

  • Vulnerable, disabled people

  • Interested companies and individuals

  • What is the Green Community Partnership?

    The Green Community Partnership is made up of 3 organisations from 3 EU Countries

    Infinite Opportunities Association Sofia,
    MSHA Education
    and Research
    Luton, UK
    Centrul pentru Recuperare Rehabilitare si Educatie Speciala, Buzau, Romania

    Who is funding Green Community Project?

    Green Community is supported by Grundtvig funding. Grundtvig funding was set up by the European Commission to support adult lifelong learning and educational initiatives in the European Union and associated countries. Grundtvig is part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme. Funding is made accessible to MSHA via the UK National Agency, Ecorys.

    Are you interested in our Green Community Project?

    If you are interested in our project and would like to contact us, please do so at:

    MSHA Education & Research

    30-32 Brantwood Road



    LU1 1JJ,

    United Kingdom

    Tel: +44 (0)1582 415651


    Project Pamphlet

    Click here to download the project's pamhlet