Mary’s Story

My name is Mary Jones. I was homeless, just coming out of the hospital, and when I was in SOS they told me about a place called Mary Seacole.
It was August 2014. I went for an interview then the next day I moved into a Mary Seacole house.
I was sad and alone with no family support. I suffered greatly. I wanted to run away from everyone: my trust was non-existent. At first it was hard but I knew I was there for myself to get better.
Things were looking up and I had the support from the Mary Seacole team and I was progressing.
After a while, I was getting better. Then I had health issues which set me back a bit, but I had learnt how to fight because Mary Seacole was there.
I was told that I could not have a council house for five years but I fought and got a letter from Mary Seacole to push my claim through. Then two weeks later I got my own place!
Mary Seacole helped me with getting a grant for things for my new place. Now, I have been here nearly 9 months.
There are many women out there suffering through their own nightmares, and in order to help these women Mary Seacole needs donations so that more vulnerable women like me have the help they need to live a life with the home they need to fulfil their dreams.
Thank you Mary Seacole for your help and for giving me the courage and ambition to go on with the life I have now.