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Kyle's Story

Kyle had reached a stage in his life where he felt he was not accepted by his family due to his sexual orientation. Kyle was homeless and felt that he had nowhere else to turn to when he was asked to leave from his best friend's garden where he had been camping for 2 months. Kyle was interviewed and offered a place at Mary Seacole Housing Association .He initially had thought that due to his sexual orientation he would be singled out and bullied, and would have no one to talk to. However after only a couple of hours of arriving, he realised that he was going to like the service. Kyle has gone on to progress to one of our move on projects where he feels more independent and is working towards gaining his own accommodation. Kyle says he loves to engage with the staff at the association and has enjoyed all the training that has been provided by the in-house training unit; where he has completed first aid and fire safety courses amongst other sessions.

Kyle thoroughly enjoys completing a variety of different life skills especially cooking as he feels this portrays one of his many talents. Kyle has decided that he wants to continue down the education route and has gained Level 2 qualification in Barbering and Hair Dressing with Barnfield College. Kyle is currently completing access course into higher education in teaching; and hopes to go on to University and become a qualified Drama Teacher.

Kyle says that he has always been a vivacious person but he feels that since coming to the Association he has been able to bring out his true colours. Kyle feels that he has learnt many skills since coming into the hostel. He has learnt skills such as communication skills, independent living skills and has gained confidence. He is now able to hold his head high and is no longer afraid of people judging him for who he is.

Kyle feels that he has made some amazing friendships within the hostel. Kyle says he will cherish these friendships for a very long time.

Kyle has been keen to contribute back to the project and has been involved in the various training opportunities as well as volunteering his time to internal projects organised by Mary Seacole.

Kyle has now been resettled into his own accommodation and since leaving Mary Seacole has been offered an apprenticeship with the local authority .Kyle applied for the apprenticeship whilst staying at Mary Seacole and went through many stages of interviews before being offered the vacancy. Staff worked with Kyle by assisting him to complete application forms and role play for job interviews to help Kyle prepare and work on his interview skills. Kyle is enjoying the job immensely and has been given a number of responsibilities.

Kyle often visits staff at Mary Seacole to keep them updated of his progress and to discuss his plans for the future. Kyle is excited about his future and looks forward to giving back to his community. Kyle Says his stay at the Mary Seacole Housing Association has made him a stronger person.