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Jake's Story

When Jake moved into our hostel he was 17 years old and was in no training, added to this he was dealing with a family break down and had a lot of demons to contend with. At first Jake was overtly loud and brass thinking that he needed to put up a front in order to fit in with the rest of the clients. Jake went through emotional turmoil with a relationship that he was in. He desperately wanted to understand his own emotions and more than anything wanted to be accepted amongst the clients. Jake believed that he could fit in by spending the majority of his time with the wrong crowd and getting involved with alcohol and drugs.

Mary Seacole Housing Association helped Jake in coming to terms with his relationship issues by sourcing him counselling from an external agency and providing him support on a daily basis. After hard work and regular counselling Jake was ready to move onto a stage 2 project. During his stay at stage 2; Mary Seacole Housing Association was able to support Jake to apply for a horticulture course with an external training agency. Jake was passionate about his course but had to still deal with his emotional issues. This constant pressure eventually led to him increasing his drinking and drugs use. Despite the regular support of staff Jake stopped attending college and those involved with his support noticed a change in his behaviour. Then one day Jake was involved with an incident, staff took the initiative to internally transfer him to another stage 2 hostel away from his peers and supported Jake to understand that he must concentrate on making progress in order to improve his future prospects.

With the regular support offered by staff Jake was able to gradually reduce his dependency and use of drugs and alcohol and learnt that using these substances was not the solution to dealing with his issues. Jake took the bold step of becoming a volunteer was also able to gain employment with the Luton SOS bus. This gave Jake a sense of achievement and as he learnt to care for the needs of others staff noticed a complete change in his attitude and outlook. Due to his progress Jake continued to show further change in character and showed a willingness to progress further. After a couple of months Jake was moved onto one of our final stage 3 hostels due to his hard work and dedication. During his stay at stage 3 he was assisted in finding employment with St Johns ambulance. Jake regularly went to seek out resettlement support and quickly made progress on his support plan.

Jake eventually was able to prove that he was ready for independent living and with the help of the resettlement officer started to apply for his own accommodation. Soon after, Jake was offered his own settled accommodation.

Jake and staff at Mary Seacole were confident that he had all the skills that he would require for independent living. Jake was extremely grateful that he was given the opportunity to receive the support that he needed to battle his demons.

Jake now resides in his own flat, working full time in combined with an active and healthy social life. Jake continues to update Mary Seacole on his progress and looks forward to a bright and prospectus future.