At Mary Seacole Housing Association we are always striving to enhance our knowledge, skills and practice in order to provide the best possible service and support to our clients. We continue to participate in specific projects and activities both at home and abroad, where we can offer our services as well as experience best practice and feed this into the service we provide.

Information Against Exploitation Project (IAE)

The aim of the IAE project is to raise awareness of exploitation and the legal rights that people have when facing exploitation. The project aims to do this by creating a booklet that can be used by professionals when supporting their clients.  The booklet will contain information about exploitation, statistical information and people’s legal rights… Read more »

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Bedfordshire Police Annual Cohesion Awards 2017

In 2017, Mary Seacole Housing Association received an award at the Bedfordshire Police Annual Cohesion Awards. The award was given in recognition of our dedication and commitment to supporting the communities of Bedfordshire and Bedfordshire Police.

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EU Homelessness Project – Serbia and Albania

In 2017, Mary Seacole Housing Association was fortunate enough to become a partner in a European Funded Project which looks at shared practices responding to homelessness in Albania, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria and Spain.

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