Our Team

Staff, supporters, volunteers, partners, and The Friends of Mary Seacole all help to play a huge part in helping Mary Seacole Housing Association support the homeless and those facing difficult personal circumstances.

Mary Seacole employs more than 50 members of staff. We are a passionate team comprised of management, front line staff (who are based in our supported accommodation), key workers, trainers, counsellors and resettlement advisers; people who work tirelessly to help our clients reach their full potential and live fulfilled, independent lives.

Mary Seacole’s Hostel Coordinators and Project Workers are passionate and dedicated people, providing 24-hour support to our clients. The training, key working and life skills they offer seek to provide the clients with skills that will enable them to overcome the situations they are faced with and move on with their lives into a state of independence.

Management Committee

Our Management Committee consists of a group of individuals with experience and expertise in a wide range of areas from strategic involvement in housing and children’s services to senior management in probation and social work. The committee have worked with the Association for many years, helping us build a reputation for being one of the foremost in this field.

Many members of the committee have previously held high profile community-based positions such as the office of Mayor or local councillor roles. This means that they have a unique and deeper understanding of the needs of the local communities, including the most vulnerable individuals who require third sector services.

Management Team

The management team is a passionate group of working professionals with a combined total of 20 years working with Mary Seacole Housing Association. Collectively, the team has experience in the fields of business development, facilities management as well as working within local authority housing solutions services and managing support teams. The team’s combined expertise in events and marketing as well as within support services also ensures that the Association continues to develop, grow and improve in its service delivery.

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