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Mary Seacole Housing Association Limited is a Charitable Organisation providing supported accommodation to young people. When our young people are ready to move - on into independent accommodation, we support them by providing one to one, assistance, as well as providing them with furniture and household items. i.e. white goods. To do this we rely on the public's donation of furniture and white goods, and other household items.

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to receive generous donations that have benefited our clients moving out of hostel accommodation into their own homes. Once our clients move into their own homes, they receive the support from the Resettlement Officer who support them with the move and provides an outreach service which supports them to maintain their tenancies, and deal with any outstanding matters i.e. utilities, landlord disputes etc.

Donation of all items, will be collected; however we do ask that any furniture you have to donated be approved by Fire Safety Standards.

Should you require any further information, about donating furniture, white goods, or anything else to the Organisation; please do not hesitate to contact our head office at Luton 415651 or Contact the Resettlement Officer on + 44(0)1582 419765.

Please note that all Donations are appreciated.



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