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Alexis' Story

Alexis was scared, apprehensive and anxious when she first moved into the one of our hostels at Mary Seacole Housing Association. Alexis came to the service when her mother had decided to move away and as Alexis was dedicated to her college course she did not move with her mum.

Alexis was keen on pursuing her Art at Barnfield South Academy and gained a B in GCSEs. Alexis was offered a place at Central Bedfordshire College where she studied Theatrical and Media Make-Up; for which she gained a Level 2 NVQ in July 2011, she progressed to Level 3 in July 2012. With the help of the hostel Alexis managed to get an apprenticeship with Barnfield College. Alexis felt that she learnt many skills since coming into the hostel including communication skills, independent living skills and other lifelong learning skills. Alexis also completed many training courses at Mary Seacole's Training unit which contributed to extending her CV and teaching her valuable lessons on topics such as managing relationships and social skills. Alexis enjoyed her stay in the hostel and made some lifelong friendships with other residents.

Alexis worked hard to contribute to Mary Seacole projects and prepared many different pieces of art work for the association; including unique and innovative pieces for the 28 Brantwood Road renovation Project and the Training Unit renovation project.

Alexis was recently offered her own accommodation and has settled in well. Alexis looks forward to moving on in life, where she can put all the skills that she has learnt in Mary Seacole to use. Alexis is happy with all the progress that she has made whilst staying here and is excited about what the future is going to bring.

Alexis regularly visits Mary Seacole to inform staff of her progress since moving into her own place. Alexis has recently decorated her flat and is starting to make it a home rather than a house. Alexis has been on her apprenticeship at Barnfield College for six months now and she hopes to gain a permanent role once she has completed her course.

When Alexis first came to Mary Seacole she lacked confidence to speak with new people and suffered with acrophobia and very bad anxiety. Alexis did not like going out alone and meeting new people outside of the project. However within time Alexis's confidence grew and she pushed herself to interact more with people in all situations and environments.

Since leaving Mary Seacole Alexis has worked through all of these issues through the support of staff and other residents and now has an active social life. Alexis feels that her stay at Mary Seacole made her a more confident, outgoing and happier individual.