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Client's stories


'I feel that being a part of Mary Seacole Housing Association has helped me greatly and I feel that I have come a long way since I came here; thanks to all the support I have received!'


'Thank you Mary Seacole Housing Association for helping me realise that being me is not a crime.'


'Thank you Mary Seacole'

Mary Seacole Housing association Limited was established in 1986 and provides supported accommodation in six hostels in Luton. The hostels accommodate young single homeless people aged between 16 and 30 years for a maximum period of 2 years. Over the years, the association has built a reputation of being one of the foremost in this field.

Mary Seacole Housing Association provides various forms of training available to all service users. Many have found the training to be an enjoyable experience. The skills you learn whilst training will help you move on, to live independently in your own home.

Your time spent with us provides you with the opportunity to improve your interpersonal skills as you form working relationships with staff. To help you do this, Mary Seacole Housing Association offers a range of services that help build confidence, improve communication and participate in fun activities.

We hope you will enjoy living at the Mary Seacole Housing Association Limited's Hostels. We will support you, listen to you, answer your questions and give you advice if required or requested.